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Flanders and the Netherlands: Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Bookfair (Thursday 15 October 2015)

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72 Flemish and Dutch authors will be travelling to Frankfurt. To make sure everything runs smoothly, we ask you to contact the following persons for interview requests:

Dutch press: Hanneke Marttin: +31 640 42 61 89
Flemish and international press: Sonja Peters: +32 486 07 94 94
German press: Artefakt: 0049 69 7575-42803

Office phone number at the Frankfurt Book Fair: 0049 69 757542802

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Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016 — Guest of Honour programme 

Catalogue New Releases
Catalogue New Releases

With Flanders and the Netherlands appearing as Guests of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2016, this year alone will see more than 250 titles translated from Dutch to German in a mix of genres to include novels and short stories, books for children and teenagers, non-fiction, poetry, plays and graphic novels. To guide you around this abundance, we have asked a number of experts to contribute an essay each on the genre they know best and to introduce us to the authors, themes and distinctive features of Flanders and the Netherlands.
Novels and Narratives The stories you have to tell
Dutch non-fiction Universal and boundless
Poetry In our dreams we walk on stilts
Children and Youth Literature A Gaze Trained on the Horizon
Graphic Novel Parade, a Magazine for the Frankfurt Book Fair
Crime Literature This is what we fear
Taking the Plunge Residency, Creation, Inspiration